Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whistling while I work

I like to mark certain points in life by choosing and starting a new design. Fall, winter, spring and summer. Vacations, my birthday, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas and the New Year. All call out for a new stitching start. Not that I don't start new projects at other times, because honestly it doesn't take much to encourage me to start something new. But the special occasions are different. I enjoy thinking about which design to choose and fabric to use. I make sure I have the threads together to start it at the right time. These starts are more deliberate and not so spontaneous as just the regular, ordinary starts.

Of course, they don't always come to life on fabric the way I imagined or planned. This was the case with my Fourth of July start, Sweet Liberty by The Marking Sampler. I liked the simplicity of this little design and thought it would be a good addition to the patriotic collection I have planned for the white plate rack in my kitchen. I chose a 32 count fabric rather than the recommended 40 count to avoid stitching the words over one on 40 count, but should have gone with the 40 count so it wouldn't seem so bulky. I'm not posting what I did stitch, but I have put the chart aside to restart on 40 count at some point. Here is the chart model:

Sweet Liberty
Sweet Liberty
The Marking Sampler

For a recent trip to the beach, I chose to start a Swedish sampler from The Essamplaire, Ericka Katrina Amanson (1870):

Ericka Katrina Amanson

Ericka Katrina Amanson (1870)
The Essamplaire

It is a simple, sweet design which had been on my "to stitch list" for awhile. Katrina included an anchor, a happy looking dog, a pretty pink house with a fence, and various short borders. I don't know how old Katrina was when she stitched it, but the colors have a certain innocence to them which appealed to me. It was charted for DMC, I worked up a conversion for GAST and Weeks threads. The fabric looks more pink today than it really is.

Ericka Katrina Amanson (1870)

Ericka Katrina Amanson (1870), The Essamplaire
Lakeside Linen, 32 count Vintage Examplar
GAST, Weeks

I also started A Whistling Girl, Hands To Work, before I left for the beach. I like to whistle and I like the humor of the verse. I hope to prove the verse wrong, though! The girl in the sampler has her hands on her hip and has a spunky attitude. She reminds me of the woman in my Sarah Verrier (you can see her in my avatar) who also stands with hand on hip. I didn't notice at first, but there is a difference between the model picture and the actual chart. Can you find the difference?

Here's the model:

A Whistling Girl

A Whistling Girl by Hands To Work

And here's my work following the design as charted:

A Whistling Girl

A Whistling Girl
Hands To Work
Lakeside Linen, 36 count Examplar

1 over 2, GAST & Weeks

I've also made additions to my stash, but I will save those for another day.

Have a wonderful day!


Jan said...

These are lovely beginnings, Dona!

JOLENE said...

Oh my gosh, the birds faces weren't finished in the original. That's funny.....see, we are all human...this just proves it. Love your choices and they are looking very nice.

mainely stitching said...

Wonderful stitching!!!

Nicole said...

you have been busy Dona! Love all your Wips! I love that Sweet Liberty chart. I don't think I've seen it before. It's really cute. Looking forward to seeing your restart on it. :)

Margaret said...

I love all your pieces, Dona! Never seen that Essamplaire piece before -- really like it! Bummer that you have to start over on the patriotic piece. Over one on 40ct really isn't that bad, especially when it's just words. :D

Siobhán said...

Beautiful stitching on everything, Dona! You have great taste in stitching designs. ;) I like the idea of a new project for autumn, winter, etc. What fun! I usually just think about the holidays but like your idea better. :) Any excuse for a new start, right?!

Joy said...

I agree with everyone else, Dona. You find the greatest things to stitch. It was your Sarah Verrier that pushed me over the edge to finally start an Amy Mitten design. Looking forward to seeing all of your progress.

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Dona, love your new projects. I've never seen either before. Looking forward to seeing more.

Alma Allen said...

Hi Dona,

Love your blog! Barb loves to start new projects to celebrate holidays, travel, any small excuse too. Now after my visit here I find I'm going to have to fins Ericka Katrina Amanson and Sweet Liberty too! Those are just too sweet.

Love your colors on Souvenir de France. So sweet!

JOLENE said...

Hi Dona, I got your email about the last line but I think in olden times "goode" was an acceptable spelling as in the designs by "The Goode Huswife"....what do you think?

Dona said...

True that "goode" is an acceptable spelling. The difference I was referring to is that the cover model uses "goode" but the chart itself uses just "good" and has a diamond at the end of line (chart looks like my stitched piece) that the model doesn't include. It took me awhile to notice it!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I like the sassy girl too - and the little pink house in the other piece. I'm sorry your patriotic piece didn't work out. I am facing the same problem with a piece of mine...and just ordered new fabric. Bleh! I also start new things on special days. I'm trying to decide on a birthday start!!

Sharon said...

Oh I love your work, such pretty pieces. Can't wait to see more. I think I want them all. LOL enjoy!!