Friday, April 17, 2009

It's the weekend! And it looks like it will be a great one! Before I start on my list of errands, I thought I would update here.

First, pictures of little things from my life lately:

wild azaleas outside

and inside

wild violets

the ever hopeful Miss Kitty keeps an eye on the bird nest

I saw Joy's wonderful finish of Goode Huswife's One Seed For Another and it inspired me to pull out my chart and order supplies for it. I liked the fabric she chose, 40 count Vintage Pearled Barley and her conversion to NPI silks, which she shared. Here are the supplies:
40 count Vintage Pearled Barley
NPI silks

and here is my start:

One Seed for Another
40 count Vintage Pearled Barley
NPI silks

I worked a little on Shores and finished outlining the first square and worked on the rocks. I'm still enjoying this design.

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
40 count Antique Cotton & DMC

Remember cute little Mr. Carrot Nose on his spotted pony? Here he is now:

He apparently couldn't control his spotted pony whose head ended up being one square away from the tree trunk. Now they are both being removed and redone. Taking out this much of something I stitched would usually make me not want to finish the project, but I really like this design so I will keep working on it and will try to pay more attention to the count!

Today is a beautiful day and perfect for picking out annuals for the front porch and rummaging around in flea markets and antique stores. All of which I hope I to do.

That's it for now! I hope everyone has a great weekend!