Friday, February 20, 2009

For the past couple of years, I have enjoyed reading, and been inspired by, so many different blogs about cross stitch that I have decided to have one of my own. I hope I find it fun to keep up, but if not I will stop and just enjoy other blogs!

So many charts, so little time! I decided to try a rotation so I can at least work on several different pieces during the week. The rotation as it stands now is :

Monday : A Stitcher's Prayer, Carriage House Samplings
Tuesday : My Betrothed, Birds of a Feather
Wednesday : Harvest Sampler, Notforgetten Farm
Thursday : Pears, Hands to Work
Friday : Holding open for Shores of Hawk Run Village SAL
The Weekend : Free days for what sounds like most fun

So far it's worked well. I like all of these projects so it's good to be able to work on each of them.I hope to have progress photos up soon!

But til then, Miss Kitty. As you can tell, she has a hard time relaxing!


Nicole said...

Your rotation seems like it will be a good one! I have recently started a rotation too and so far it's working for me. Good luck! Can't wait to see progress pics.

P.S. your kitty is so sweet!

Margaret said...

Dona, I love your "about me" description. How beautifully said! Your blog is so pretty too! Love Jack Johnson. :D

Snip said...

I love how you've designed your blog and can't wait to see your stitching projects. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Dona, I think you are a genius!
The Nice Sister