Sunday, July 10, 2011

summer stitching

Summer is definitely here in all of its very hot and humid glory! I hope you have had a fun summer so far. We are spending more time in the air conditioning rather than playing outside. More stitching time!

Here's a little finish, 1863 Honfleur Sampler originally stitched by Lucie Beharel. It's from the Summer 2011 SANQ magazine. I know I've said it before, but whenever I work on a reproduction sampler, I always wonder about the stitcher. It was especially so with this sampler as Lucie and I apparently share the same faith.  It was very moving to think that over 200 years ago she was celebrating her faith the same way I do today.

1863 Honfleur Sampler, SANQ magazine
Lakeside Linen 40 count Vintage Light Examplar

Sheepish Design's Eagle is my patriotic piece this year. I've had a lot of  fun stitching this design! I think the fabric, patchwork motifs, and the little scalloped border really give it a vintage feel.

 Eagle, Sheepish Designs
R/R 40 count Antique Cotton, recommended threads

This sampler has been on my to stitch list for some time.  When I first saw it I thought of my own daughter when she was little. She was forever bringing me wildflowers, especially very tiny flowers that grew close to the ground. I also have collection of tiny, round, smooth stones she would find for me.  The little girl on the sampler represents my own little girl, who turned 21 this summer (!).  I added her initials and put her hands on her hips!

From His Hand, Plum Street Samplers
40 count Vintage Maritime White, Lakeside Linens 
NPI threads

This is picture of her from about the same time she was bringing flowers and small stones. She loved that hat and those pink sunglasses!

I love my stash. I love to go through my WIPs, kitted and not touched projects, and stacks of charts. It makes me happy and I love almost everything in it, but it makes me want to stitch everything at once.  I was playing in my WIPs and came across Kind Fond Love and realized I missed it! So I pulled it out, added a couple of motifs, finished the large part of the house, and restitched the off-centered pot and birds.  The color of  the house bothers me though, and I'll probably redo it at some point. I'll see how it feels when I get closer to being done.  If you're susceptible to vertigo, you may want to skip this picture. It was taken at an angle to try and capture all of it.  

KFL, Sampler Company
40 count Maritime White, Lakeside Linens
NPI conversion

A closer view.

In case you were wondering, Miss Kitty and Cooper are still around. Cooper has really grown and is about 75 pounds now. He is one loud and messy dog with a huge heart and not a mean bone in his body.  Here he is watching the ducks at the lake.


 I have a little white table with two chairs that sits outside my office window. Joe and I like to sit there and have a cup of coffee weekend mornings, or an end of the day beverage in the afternoon if the weather's nice. Miss Kitty has claimed it as one of her favorite lounging spots. She can keep an eye on me while I work and one eye on the lookout for lizards that scurry across the porch.

 Miss Kitty

That's it! Have a great week!


Laurie in Iowa said...

It's so nice to see a post from you. Congrats on your finish, which is lovely as are all of your WIPs.

Joy said...

Yes, I agree with good to see your post! Love your stitching. I have a funny story about the Eagle eagle had wings. LOL
Your daughter was, and still is I'm sure, so sweet.

Stay cool and enjoy your stitching.

Margaret said...

Agreed! Nice to see a post from you! And I love all the stitching you're doing too. Beautiful finish, and lovely WIPs! I like seeing pics of Cooper and Miss Kitty too, as well as of a younger DD. Hope you're enjoying the summer.

the striped rose said...

Great stitching! I loved that red and white sampler too - I would love to know more about Lucie. Sheepish Designs are an all-time favorite!

Sylvia said...

I love that little Norman Sampler - its on my must stitch list. Your Eagle is really sweet. KFL is one of my all time favorite samplers, and your WIP is wonderful.

Your finish is so sweet and I totally dig the little Miss with her hands on her hips.

Katrina said...

I love them all!!! What fun eye candy and your kitty and puppy are so sweet too :-).

Siobhán said...

Beautiful finishes! I need to stitch that sampler--I love red French samplers. Maybe that could be the sampler I use GAST Rhubarb in. ;) Your sampler WIPs are all fantastic! I love the PSS design that you're doing in honor of your daughter--what a special memory to memorialize in thread and linen. Cooper and Miss Kitty are adorable, as always!

Michelle said...

Everything is so pretty! The sampler with your daughter in mind is fantastic - love the hands on the hips! KFL is beautiful, as always too. It's so fun to go through our stash isn't it? And of course I love love love the French Sampler - it looks really good with the different colors!

barbara said...

What a GREAT post! :D Love your stitching, and of course your furbabies go right to my heart. Your daughter puts me in mind of my own - lots of attitude there, it's plain to see! :D

Ruth said...

Wow.... can you feel the stitching envy coming from my keyboard? You make me want to go stashing THIS VERY MOMENT.

Congrats on all the beautiful work.

Sharon said...

Everything is just so pretty, especially love that 1863 Honfleur Sampler its gorgeous and the Kind Fond Love too. My youngest dog is a Kooper too (with a K). Love all your beautiful pictures and thank you so very much for visiting my blog, I am trying hard to keep up with it once again, hope you will come back and visit me again soon. xoxoxox