Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's time to post progress on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. Progress? Did I say progress? Well....not really progress..... I've been reading more than stitching and interest in this project was low this month. I hope that's a temporary thing. But I am enjoying seeing everyone else's progress.

I've never had DMC thread shred the way it has on this piece of fabric (40 count Antique Cotton from R&R Reproduction) , so I've had to take out quite a few stitches whenever that would happen.

shores of hawk run hollow : carriage house samplings

Here is what I stitched on One Seed for Another. I like working on this piece. I missed one of the colors when ordering my thread, so I've skipped over those parts for now. I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd used Lakeside Linen and had forgotten how smooth it is to stitch on. It will be fabric of choice again for awhile.

one seed for another : goode huswife

I saw Nicole's CHS etsy purchase and of course had to click right over to see what I couldn't live without. These charts now have a new home and came, like Nicole's, in a beautiful folder:

charts from new carriage house samplings

CHS folder

Field Aray was printed under Chartmakers logo. I adore the charts themselves for the pretty graphics that are printed on them:

field aray : chartmaker again

field aray : chartmakers once again

On the Goode Huswife site's out of print page I found The Little Red R Sampler:

little red sampler : good huswife

And, finally, I added Hands to Work's A Whistling Girl, Chessie & Me's Tree & Crown Sampler, and A Friendship Sampler by Plum Street Samplers:

new charts

I think I just went a little chart crazy there. And still only have a fraction of everything I'd like to own! I need several decades to stitch everything on my wish list!

That is everything for now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Margaret said...

Nice stash! I went a bit crazy recently too. :D I've been having problems with one particular color of DMC shredding on my latest project. Very strange!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

What a great start on Shores and on OSFA! I love those Colonial Garden GH charts. Great stash!!!! I need to go do some ordering!

Siobhán said...

Do you think it might be the linen rather than the DMC? The only reason I ask is because when I stitched the ABC Hornbook on 40 ct Flax Fields--which was not done on a Zweigart base--it seemed to shred the (WDW) threads a bit more than I'd experienced before. I thought maybe it was the linen. Then again, I am spoiled because I love using Zweigart based linens!

Fabulous, wonderful progress on your WIPs!! Seeing them makes me want to run and stitch stitch stitch. Love the stash enhancement, too!

Katrina said...

You could try a bit bigger needle so that it opens things up a bit more and there isn't so much wear and tear on the thread. Love you projects.

I did the same thing after seeing Nicole's post, I got the mermaid piece too!

Jan said...

Lovely new stash acquisitions!! I am thinking that it must be the fabric too, and the use of a larger needle might help with that shredding. Good progress!!

The Scarlett House said...

I so hate when DMC does that. I think it's the linen, too. Lakeside is so much softer and by far, my favorite. Nice stash enhancements. I recently added Paulette's Friendship Sampler to my stash. So much to do!

Deb said...

You've got some fantastic stash there! Your Shores is looking great, but I've had the same problem with DMC on that fabric. I think that it's coarser than other fabrics. Also love your GH start. Siobhan and I are planning on starting these soon - I still need fabric, but after seeing your start, I think I better order it fast. I love yours!

Tanya said...

Looks like we have the same taste in designs because I order a lot of those too. lol! I enjoyed seeing your WIP's. I hope Shores stops giving you fits.

Deb said...

Me again. Can you tell me what Lakeside color you used for your GH piece. I am going to start these soon and love your fabric.

mainely stitching said...

Yummy stash. Wonderful!

I love LL but have a hard time getting it here. I've come to really, really like Vikki Clayton's 35 ct. linens.